Into the Woods

I have come to realise that I am now one of those people who talks about the weather incessantly. I’m sorry. However when the good days seem few and far between, you tend to celebrate when it’s good! And the weather has been just spectacular! So we did like Netherlanders and got on our bikes and headed out to the local woods.

 photo IMG_1809_zps386c2383.jpg

There we found a likely patch of grass next to a canal (of course!), and watched the passing traffic. Would you like to know more?

Playing at Tour Guide

No matter what the temperature tells me, Mother Nature is telling me that it’s Spring!

 photo IMG_2679_zps2f6c6913.jpg

So much has happened since getting back from Prague! We still had our travel companions staying with us for several days once we returned home, but we continued on with our normal weekly routine as well, so there were still Language classes for me in amongst all the sight seeing.

When our friends headed back to Australia that was when the plague descended upon the household. I don’t remember much of that week. I was sick enough that I didn’t make it to my first Dutch Class. I had no voice, and I didn’t really think anyone else wanted to get my fever or cough.

That week though, ended with some other friends in town who I haven’t seen in years! It really is a wonderful experience to be able to show off our beautiful city to people we have known since childhood, but not seen or really spoken to in fifteen years.

 photo IMG_2689_zpsf1a8df8b.jpg

Combining sight seeing with catching up is a great way to spend several days. Would you like to know more?

Quiet week

Hi everyone. I’m sorry for the radio silence after last Friday’s post. I guess what happened was inevitable. Once we moved and things got a little bit quieter for the first time in months, we both came down with some vicious head colds. I’m still trying to throw off a horrendous lung crunching cough. At least you can’t catch it through the internet!

We did take a little time out to head into town last Tuesday though (where I coughed and snotted all over everyone I met. I’m sure they were very grateful!)


It was on this excursion that for the first time I saw the cranes dredging the canals. It was quite mesmerising for a couple of minutes. I have yet to find a crane with a magnet hauling up all the bicycles that get dumped in the canals each day though!


In a final piece of news for this week, and it has taken me a week to get around to posting this, Himself got a delivery in the post recently that wasn’t entirely expected!


Knowing a Master Roaster as we do, it was wonderful to receive a birthday surprise of some of his wares in the post. We have been making good use of it too! It’s nice to be loved. 🙂

See you all after the weekend when hopefully things will have returned to normal!

The Quiet Weekend

I’m sorry I skipped last week my faithful readers. There just hasn’t been much noteworthy going on to report.

This past weekend was a quiet one. There was some cleaning up done around the house, and I finally catalogued most of my yarn stash on Ravelry.


We had some friends turn up to help us move some furniture which doesn’t really make for interesting blogging or photography.

We did go down to one of our local cafes for breakfast on Sunday though. In our little corner of little Italy, it’s a French café. Who’d have thought?


There were ristretto and orange juice each,


followed by a mushroom and pesto frittata for myself, and a ham and cheese omelette for himself.


All in all a lovely way to spend a few hours soaking up some sunshine and reading. I’d recommend it to anyone! ☺

Extra Long Weekend

But first! A new Catsle arrived at The Ranch last week! The old one had a serious lean to it!



Putting them together is always an experience!


I know it’s taken me all week to update but my nephew gave me the lurgy via his grandmother last weekend! 😛 Aside from the passing of bugs, much good food was consumed, and shops explored. This concoction is called a Dragon’s Breath.


A shot of espresso onto chocolate with chilli infused sugar syrup!


As we head into the long weekend, many of us will be travelling to see friends and relatives in a celebratory frame of mind. Please remember to drive safely, drink responsibly, and tell your loved ones how much you love them.

Be safe. Be well.