Handwerkbeurs 2015

The annual pilgrimage to the hand craft fair in Zwolle was last week. As has come to be expected, it maintained its reputation for being a crafter’s dream come true!

 photo IMG_6524_zpsf335b8f6.jpg

Upon entrance we stampeded our way directly to the ever popular, all time favourite; Bart & Francis. Not only to pore over their amazing selection of fibres, but I wanted to show off a project to them which I had made from their gorgeous yarn. (The details of which you will see in a coming post later this week!) Would you like to know more?

Wevers Markt in Hoorn

A group of us got together to head out to Hoorn the other day. It’s about half an hour by train from Amsterdam, and on this particular day Hoorn was hosting its annual Weavers Market!

 photo IMG_2059_zps70b03067.jpg

So much yarn, so many fibre related products! I think all of us thought we’d gone to heaven! Would you like to know more?

Sydney – Part 2

Of course, Sydney is a remarkably large place to get around when you have a lot to see, and not much time to see it in, so we gave in and rented a car for a day. And where would we go with wheels under our butts? Yep, we went up the hills to check out how much has changed up there since we moved out, back in … years ago.

 photo IMG_0433_zps4899f02c.jpg

Of course, some things never change. Would you like to know more?

Today’s Table

I have a little helper. He’s very adorable and he knows it! And will work it for all he’s worth! How can I resist such big blue eyes?

 photo IMG_9126_zpsf7a60393.jpg

He’s been unwell at the moment, so we’re all feeling quite indulgent! Would you like to know more?