Over the weekend some friends and I went on a Dutch road trip to the Mid-Winter Wool Festival just outside of Groningen!

 photo IMG_6032_zps09a5df81.jpg

It was massive and fun!

 photo IMG_5992_zps993d6247.jpg

Unlike lots of fibre festivals that I go to, this one was predominantly just fibre. Lots and lots of fibre.

 photo IMG_5997_zps89d77c37.jpg

You could even purchase complete, and un-processed fleeces!

 photo IMG_5999_zps711f2dd4.jpg

There were some demonstrations of felting. I thought these two were adorable!

 photo IMG_6005_zpsb5ad2b35.jpg

For all my Antipodean friends, here’s a swagman with his jumbuck. I’m not entirely sure how that translates to Dutch, but there you go.

 photo IMG_6020_zpsa871b6e8.jpg

As always the rainbow is an incredibly persuasive method of getting you to indulge in acquiring more stash. (The irony of shopping for NZ and Oz Merino in far north east Netherlands is not lost on me.)

 photo IMG_6025_zps5d9cc441.jpg

These complete hides were tanned to perfection, and softer pieces of leather I don’t think I’ve ever touched!

 photo IMG_6026_zpse3a18992.jpg

More glorious fibre products …

 photo IMG_6034_zps893940f2.jpg

… and options of how to put them into use.

 photo IMG_6035_zps15b21c80.jpg

I love the idea of working a complete fleece from start to finish, but I simply don’t have the space (or back yard) for it! The pointing hand, may be a friend of mine falling down that rabbit hole.

 photo IMG_6036_zps5b141c13.jpg

Once we’d all been through the hall once, we stopped for some well needed respite around the warm fire.

 photo IMG_6045_zpsd9d5b3af.jpg

Guess what you guys? You’ll never guess. I may know what Santa is putting under the tree for me!!! *grins*

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