Adventurousness thy names are George and Himself!

The first rule of blogging is; never mention how long it’s been since your last post.

:looks around shiftily:
:whistles innocently:

Just some of the multitude of things we’ve done include;

Spending time at the beach.

Working for the Film Museum in the nitrate vaults.

The kittens came home.

And settled in relatively quickly! They are totally no longer this small!

We saw KISS perform live!

There was a sudden emergency trip to Sydney where I had an extended stay.

Which afforded me some catch up time with friends…

and family,

… while helping out with the crisis.

It was an opportunity to go to some events I’ve missed while living in Europe though.

And return to some of the places I miss.

This may take a while! Even giving the abbreviated version! So tune in next time for further information!

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