Playing Catch-ups! – Part 2

In my continuing effort to catch you up on our hectic lives …

We have finally been back on the motorcycle! This took a little more effort than usual as we had to get her out of winter storage first, then we took her to the beach.

 photo IMG_6104_zpspjme3xrz.jpg

Those spots you see in the background of that shot is the air full of kite surfers.

 photo IMG_6934_zpsgmy50moy.jpg

We had to go down to Den Haag in order to fulfill our Visa requirements to stay in the Netherlands.

 photo IMG_6152_zpsquhuakfh.jpg

The train trip down through all the tulip fields is just magical at this time of year. The tulips spread out around you like a magic carpet of colour!

 photo IMG_6916_zpsxjfrhsvg.jpg

I have pulled another piece off the needles.

 photo IMG_6119_zpsslriyhvu.jpg

Lots of beads.

 photo IMG_6925_zpskv1ittc4.jpg

And bigger than I expected it to be now that it’s done!

There was an afternoon spent ambling around the wonders in Utrecht, and all the things that accompany that.

 photo IMG_6073_zpslw9rvjiu.jpg

King’s Day has been and gone, and this year we were in the thick of it!

 photo IMG_6168_zpsnq3tzjel.jpg

Despite the cold, wet, weather everyone seemed to be out and enjoying themselves.

 photo IMG_6200_zps5q22uyj4.jpg

Let’s see, what else? New furniture has arrived, old furniture has left. Himself passed (with flying colours I might add *proud*) an exam for a qualification. We went to a course on “partner massage” which was very relaxing! I have been purging the house to get rid of excess things before a shipment arrives from Sydney, and now we are ramping up for the summer influx of birthdays, guests, and music festivals! Of course for this, I need to make at least one new outfit!

 photo IMG_6238_zpsi3p69mot.jpg

Bring it on!

2 thoughts on “Playing Catch-ups! – Part 2

  1. Thank you for bringing us up to speed 🙂

    Congratulations to Himself on passing the exam! Yay for the motorcycle’s first jaunt of the year — how lovely those pictures are! And wow, that shawl is magnificent! Congratulations to you 😀

    And I’m intrigued by this couples massage concept. You learn to massage each other? You go for a massage together?

    1. Thank you for all your kind words, and I shall pass on the congrats to Himself.

      The couples massage was we learned how to relax each other. First me working on him, and then him working on me. It was AMAZING! I highly recommend it!

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