Playing Catch-ups! – Part 2

In my continuing effort to catch you up on our hectic lives …

We have finally been back on the motorcycle! This took a little more effort than usual as we had to get her out of winter storage first, then we took her to the beach.

 photo IMG_6104_zpspjme3xrz.jpg

Those spots you see in the background of that shot is the air full of kite surfers. Would you like to know more?


We have a motorbike. We live on Continental Europe. It is Summer. We have access to Autobahns. All of this must reach only one conclusion. We leather up, straddle the beast, and head East! Before we leave the Netherlands though, I’d like to draw your attention to not only how flat the Netherlands is, but how there is enough water that they don’t bother with fencing in the fields. They just dig more canals.

 photo IMG_7247_zps7eduoyxd.jpg

This is our “where the hell are we?” photo. The Utrecht ring road confounds Himself. Would you like to know more?

Kings Day 2015

Another Koningsdag, another day to dress in orange and join our fellow Netherlanders in celebration of Our King’s Birthday!

 photo IMG_6681_zpsjkvm4qwn.jpg

Not only does all of Amsterdam hit the streets, but they train people in from all over the country to join in the celebration. Would you like to know more?