Amsterdam Light Festival

The Amsterdam Light Festival is always such an amazing collaboration of artistic and technological endeavour.

 photo IMG_6170_zpse9a2ef1c.jpg

So many artist vie to contribute each year, each with a message to convey, and a cause to bring to the attention of the masses.

 photo IMG_6174_zps0a815d21.jpg

I love how many of the installations are designed to be interacted with.

 photo IMG_6177_zpsb121bd70.jpg

Either by going through, under them …

 photo IMG_6181_zps0a080df9.jpg

… or in some instances, reacting to hash tags set up on twitter.

 photo IMG_6195_zpsbf6f7e6f.jpg

I had been looking forward to seeing the “Ghost Ship” after seeing promotional photographs as the Festival began.

 photo IMG_6191_zpscf36a761.jpg

This moving piece hoped to bring attention to the plight of refugees across the world.

 photo IMG_6205_zps54ee0549.jpg

The light house created out of shipping containers has a house at the top that can actually be lived in and has an ecologically small footprint.

 photo IMG_6216_zpsa8800625.jpg

This was one of my favourite pieces.

 photo IMG_6234_zps3a3eee6e.jpg

Watching the Dutch tulips rising out of the Amsterdam canals as the boats drew nigh warmed the cockles of my heart.

 photo IMG_6237_zps2ba4f468.jpg

The next installation was called “effervescence”.

 photo IMG_6245_zps3ab2c96d.jpg

It was quite magical to me how, even while travelling on top of the water, it appeared that we were looking up through the surface of the canal from underneath as well.

Another gorgeous art collaboration to begin 2015 with. Well done Amsterdam, and thank you!

One thought on “Amsterdam Light Festival

  1. Gorgeous shots and so many beautiful installations. Ghost ship is really neat and I’d love to see how it’s put together. What a wonderful way to light the winter nights!

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