Himself makes Paella

You guessed it! I convinced Himself to write to you all again about something very near and dear to his heart. So without further ado, take it away!

Everybody within earshot knows how much fun I have making paella. If you’re from Valencia, you probably don’t want to read any further, because I took your wonderful idea and did non-traditional things with it; technically, this is arroz en paella.

They’re always based around one main ingredient — well, they are the way I make them, anyway — and recently, I based one on duck. It worked, so we’re sharing the joy and showing you how to make one yourself.

 photo P3312682_zps9bc43d32.jpg

Many of the quantities here are approximate, based entirely on what was available and what looked right at the time. Would you like to know more?

Today’s Table – Duck!

You can probably imagine what a relief it is, when you have no idea what to do for dinner, just nipping in to Bilder & de Clrq and there is a selection of meals all laid out for you, all pre-packaged in portions for two. On this particular day, I fell for the Duck. As I am want to do.

Roasted Duck with Broccoli

4 tablespoons of olive oil
1 tablespoon on Worcestershire sauce
Salt & Pepper
1 duck breast
1 bag spelt
1 broccoli
1 clove garlic
1 red chilli

 photo IMG_3777_zpsaad8a98b.jpg

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Christmas Eve

Solstice was on Saturday, which means two things around here. The first is that the days will begin getting longer from here on out (yay). The second is that Winter has finally begun, so you’d never know the days are getting longer because it’s so overcast. Longest darkest day of the year suddenly makes sense of all the lights, doesn’t it?

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And you know, the Christmas tram … Would you like to know more?

Roast Duck

For those of you with long memories you might remember that Giftmas Day cooking last year was a new and unequivocal low point in my kitchen efforts. But not to be dissuaded, when I found a frozen duck the other day at the markets, I was all over it!

 photo IMG_4982_zpsf428194d.jpg

Pulling out the same recipe, I was determined to attempt this again, and be successful! Would you like to know more?

Penne with Italian Sausage Bolognese

We’ve been back to Bilder & de Clerq. With a store like this, how could we not?!? Himself decided one night that we needed to try their take on bolognese; so homeward bound he tromped, with fresh ingredients in hand!

 photo IMG_4069_zpsea9a23f1.jpg

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