Katten Kabinet

Ok, so, I used to live around the corner from this place, and it’s taken me nearly two years to get in there, but I have finally gone in to the Katten Kabinet!

 photo IMG_9048_zps7e170677.jpg

This is the place you go when you want to have a look at how cats are represented in art … Would you like to know more?

Christmas Eve

Solstice was on Saturday, which means two things around here. The first is that the days will begin getting longer from here on out (yay). The second is that Winter has finally begun, so you’d never know the days are getting longer because it’s so overcast. Longest darkest day of the year suddenly makes sense of all the lights, doesn’t it?

 photo IMG_8234_zpsfac41e1c.jpg

And you know, the Christmas tram … Would you like to know more?

Happy Birthday! And some housekeeping.

My little blog is growing up! As I become affiliated with more sites, the readership keeps growing each week. It’s hard to believe that it began just 3 short years ago as my weekend wanderings around the Inner West of Sydney.

Happy Birthday little Ghoti Industries Blog!

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In the intervening years I have travelled to Cairns, Christchurch, Paris, Prague, and we now live in Amsterdam in the Netherlands! And through the blog you have all come with me on these adventures. Would you like to know more?