Todays’ Table – Stole and Shawl

I finally finished my fox stole!

 photo IMG_2275_zpsfb91dfc2.jpg

Isn’t it wonderful?!? So I’ve moved on to a new circular shawl. Apparently all is not right with the world unless I’m working on a giant piece of lace.

 photo IMG_2309_zpse9e74463.jpg

As I so often do, I began on double pointed needles until I had enough fabric to stretch over a circular needle.

 photo IMG_2312_zpse82a51d7.jpg

The silk I am using was a very generous birthday gift from a good friend, and the shawl pattern is one I am test knitting for the designer. I can’t wait to show it to you when it’s finished! But there’s still a way to go yet, and as with all circular shawls, with each row I complete, the more stitches there are in the next row! So this may take some time!

While you’re waiting, here’s a picture of my spectators.

 photo IMG_2322_zpsfa331622.jpg

I bet you didn’t know knitting was a spectator sport!

2 thoughts on “Todays’ Table – Stole and Shawl

  1. I love the fox stole. It looks great on you and it’s a fun accessory. Might have to add that to my “to knit for myself someday” queue. 🙂 Looking forward to seeing how the shawl progresses.

    And such a handsome pair of spectators!

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