Luxembourg – Part 2

We walked the streets of Luxembourg looking for interesting things to see and do. There were some wonderful statues which had been … well, I don’t think yarn-bombed is the correct terminology, but certainly “rope-bombed”.

 photo IMG_8470_zpsx7wz3zdn.jpg

I think it was M that had heard of a carnival that was in town this weekend, and whilst Himself and I had been ambling around getting lost while we looked for our hotel, we were sure we’d driven past it too. Of course this was the direction we headed in next. Would you like to know more?

Current Events

It has been a busy, but sad time in the Netherlands. Everywhere you go the flags are at half-mast.

 photo IMG_2159_zpsf845ccf9.jpg

The ramifications of nearly 200 Dutch people being killed, and over 30 Australians, has left me reflecting on how precious and yet fleeting life can be. Would you like to know more?

The Rijksmuseum

Himself’s Sister wanted to go to the Rijksmuseum not once in the week she stayed with us, but four times!

 photo IMG_1561_zps8deb8ecf.jpg

And we still didn’t get to see all of it! I must admit, this made me feel better about never being able to see everything in one day! Would you like to know more?

Happy Birthday! And some housekeeping.

My little blog is growing up! As I become affiliated with more sites, the readership keeps growing each week. It’s hard to believe that it began just 3 short years ago as my weekend wanderings around the Inner West of Sydney.

Happy Birthday little Ghoti Industries Blog!

 photo IMG_4336_zps7ccac8a6.jpg

In the intervening years I have travelled to Cairns, Christchurch, Paris, Prague, and we now live in Amsterdam in the Netherlands! And through the blog you have all come with me on these adventures. Would you like to know more?


Birthdays are so much fun! Especially when Grandma pulls out all the stops and bakes you a “fantasy castle”!


Himself bravely ventured a piece of a step, and I just valiantly cheered him on from the sidelines. The kids made great in-roads though!


The weather which had been amazing turned to this on the drive home …


You can see how 75% of NSW was underwater. The equivalent of the size of France!

Arriving home to my new yarn did me no end of good though!


I feel like I have been waiting forever for this to come to a local shop near me! I guess it’s only been a few years though … I can’t wait to play!!! Now, which socks shall I make with them?