The Rijksmuseum

Himself’s Sister wanted to go to the Rijksmuseum not once in the week she stayed with us, but four times!

 photo IMG_1561_zps8deb8ecf.jpg

And we still didn’t get to see all of it! I must admit, this made me feel better about never being able to see everything in one day!

 photo IMG_1410_zpsa31c2606.jpg

Do you think the model they used for this baby was perhaps, not a baby?

 photo IMG_1425_zps08be425b.jpg

There is an amazing room full of porcelain objects. I love all the table settings but some of the figurines are just exquisite!

 photo IMG_1478_zpsb143c052.jpg

The clothing fills me with inspiration, and despondency for the lack of such items’ availability today. Though of course I must remind myself that these pieces were owned by the very rich, and the equivalent probably still is available today!

 photo IMG_1488_zps21f04d7e.jpg

it’s been a while since I have seen such intricacy in a jewellery set that wasn’t in an antique shop though!

 photo IMG_1491_zpsb73189ac.jpg

Aren’t these gorgeous?!

 photo IMG_1493_zps01d7981d.jpg

And these pocket watches quite obviously put mine to shame! But look at how beautiful a piece of craftsmanship each one is at every layer!

 photo IMG_1499_zps801192a4.jpg

Something which seems more unusual to me, but keeps pulling me in every time is the intricacy you can put into everyday items such as keys and locks.

 photo IMG_1520_zpsec432094.jpg

That kind of attention to detail just doesn’t seem to exist anymore. Though again, it possibly does, just not in my circles!

After all this excitement we needed sustenance! And where else does one find that but at the cake store!

 photo IMG_1552_zps440c518e.jpg

I won’t tell you what this cake is called as I don’t want to lose my “G” rating! Suffice to say the shop is famous for it! A very fulfilling end to a very culturally rich day!

2 thoughts on “The Rijksmuseum

  1. I had not seen pocketwatches in cases before! They look intriguing. I’ll definitely be checking out the watches, locks, and keys on my future visit.

    One of the things I like about the posts you write on the Rijksmuseum is that they really give an idea of the breadth and depth of the collection on exhibit there. I can imagine trying to see the collection in a single visit would be overwhelming. In the past, how have you decided what to see when you go?

    1. It can be overwhelming, and something I’m grateful for is the cafe in the middle so you can sit and absorb all the information you’ve seen before heading back in for more!

      We began by seeing the Rembrandts and Vermeers, because you do, and then wandered where the hallway took us, and form then just kind of picked wings and exhibits at random. I think there’s still sections on levels 1 and 3 that I haven’t seen!

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