Seeing the Sights

There is so much to see and do in Amsterdam that sometimes it’s a little difficult to narrow down all the possibilities into the things that in my opinion, are a good combination of “Dutch” and “Tourist”.

 photo IMG_1333_zps9abeabc4.jpg

One of the things which I would take everyone to, given the chance, is Zaanse Schaans. I know I have spoken about it before on this blog, and likely I’ll speak about it again, because I always have a good time out there, and I like to share my happy places with the people I love. With that, here we are!

 photo IMG_1321_zps93a11116.jpg

Checking out the clog museum and maker! These ones are for Himself!

 photo IMG_1323_zpsacd842c2.jpg

I love that you can walk into the windmills and see the wood being cut, the paint being ground, and the spiced being milled!

 photo IMG_1338_zpse849e420.jpg

I love that this tiny wee village has opened its doors to the public so that you can walk around and experience the beautiful old houses.

 photo IMG_1342_zpsb33fdde1.jpg

We watched pewter being moulded into spoons in this tiny little building. The owner explained to us her process from melting to polishing.

 photo IMG_1346_zpsfc7862d9.jpg

We then moved on to the clock museum which I hadn’t been into previously! So something new for me too!

 photo IMG_1354_zps9a93ddeb.jpg

Some of the pieces on display in this museum were just incredible! It is quite the thing to stop and think about how old some of these clocks are. And not only are they still here, but they are still working!

 photo IMG_1351_zps33e14194.jpg

Walking around the little maze of a village, it’s obvious how much the owners who live here, love their houses and gardens.

 photo IMG_1386_zpsa0562be0.jpg

The experience of being able to shop in a sweets shop that I never thought I’d see outside of a picture book is also quite the experience!

 photo IMG_1396_zpsfeed6f03.jpg

So here it is, my little slice of Dutch heaven. I’d go there every week if I could, just absorbing the atmosphere and walking the little alleys and laneways. But taking you there is the next best thing!

For tomorrow’s adventure, we stay firmly in Amsterdam!

2 thoughts on “Seeing the Sights

  1. Yay Zaanse Schaans. It was such a lovely place to visit and I’d happily go again, if only to see what it might look like a different time of year, with different weather. And to wander in the antiques shop again — so many neat things!!

    1. The antiques shop was actually one of the few we didn’t go into! But I’d love to get you back there in the high season to see everything else now it’s open! 🙂

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