Luxembourg – Part 2

We walked the streets of Luxembourg looking for interesting things to see and do. There were some wonderful statues which had been … well, I don’t think yarn-bombed is the correct terminology, but certainly “rope-bombed”.

 photo IMG_8470_zpsx7wz3zdn.jpg

I think it was M that had heard of a carnival that was in town this weekend, and whilst Himself and I had been ambling around getting lost while we looked for our hotel, we were sure we’d driven past it too. Of course this was the direction we headed in next.

 photo IMG_8482_zpslea6afog.jpg

I don’t think I had ever really experienced a carnival in Australia that are in the same vein as the ones I’ve been to in Europe. And they are certainly not as frequent!

 photo IMG_8491_zpspmynnh2v.jpg

I think the closest thing that equates it is “side show alley” at the Sydney Royal Agricultural (Easter) Show. But even that doesn’t really cover it because these are bigger and almost assault the senses with everything there is to see and do.

 photo IMG_8501_zpsi08hfmin.jpg

We hung around long enough for Himself to play at the archery range, and a couple of rides pumped up everyone’s adrenaline. I’m not sure I shall ever let Himself forget how he wanted to go on the Mouse Trap, sat down in the carriage, looked at me and declared “Why am I here? I hate these rides!!!”

 photo IMG_8509_zpsbuuz5uqj.jpg

We stayed until after midnight, slightly dazzled by all the flashing lights, loud music, and scents of sugar that filled that air. We got up the next morning, and with all that still echoing through my brain we headed to the Grand Ducal Palace.

 photo IMG_8520_zpsgjstlhev.jpg

Opposite the Luxembourg Palace is one of the most heavenly places on earth; and they serve breakfast! It is the Chocolate House. I didn’t get a photo of the food that we ordered before we began eating, and after eating, well the picture of the devastation certainly told a story … but I’ll leave it to your imagination!

 photo IMG_8532_zpsvh1ga9zx.jpg

We had nothing left to do but count down until it was time to leave, as Sunday night is a school night and everyone had work the next day. So we wandered the streets some more and continued speaking everything that came into our minds that we could possibly think to impart to each other while we were still face to face.

 photo IMG_8534_zps1g1r9zl7.jpg

I don’t honestly think that M or I really thought we’d had enough time together, but we were glad that the Boyos had gotten on so well on first meeting, given that they were then forced to spend an entire weekend together!

Luxembourg has left me with the impression that it is a very pretty and quiet city with a lot of history that is intertwined with the Netherlands. The perfect backdrop to catch up with a friend who you just want to gossip with for an entire weekend.

4 thoughts on “Luxembourg – Part 2

  1. In that case, Himself was a very good sport for staying on the ride and dare one hope he had fun in the end? 😉

    I don’t think we had any carnivals like that when I was growing up in the States, or certainly not where I spent time. I gather there are some elements like this captured at Country Fairs, then there are the rides at the roller coaster parks. But nothing quite like this!

    And gracious, Chocolate House. So much food. And the chocolate spoons = best ever! 🙂 It’s probably just as well they don’t ship internationally? 😀

    Hoping you will have the chance to make a return visit, to see the inside of the cathedral (with the lights on!) and some of the museums and historic locations you may have missed on this trip!

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