Playing Catch-ups!

I don’t mean to brag (warning; bragging ahead) but we have been busy! I have so many things I want to tell you which I haven’t had the time or energy to get around to! So instead of in depth posts about everything, I’m going to do one giant catch up post. And lucky you, you’re reading it right now!

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First I shall finish off telling you how amazing Perth was! We went out to the desert (in the pouring, flooding, rain) and visited the Pinnacles! Would you like to know more?

Luxembourg – Part 2

We walked the streets of Luxembourg looking for interesting things to see and do. There were some wonderful statues which had been … well, I don’t think yarn-bombed is the correct terminology, but certainly “rope-bombed”.

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I think it was M that had heard of a carnival that was in town this weekend, and whilst Himself and I had been ambling around getting lost while we looked for our hotel, we were sure we’d driven past it too. Of course this was the direction we headed in next. Would you like to know more?

Brussels, Belgium – Part 1

Brussels is the capital city of Belgium and home to the headquarters of the European Union also. Now, Himself and I had stopped in to Brussels once before on La Duchessa, but it’s hard to walk around and see all the things you want to see when you’re in full motorbike armour!

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We knew we wanted to do some justice to Brussels, as it has so much to offer. So went back for a whole weekend in order to see some of the things we had just glimpsed from the back of the bike. Would you like to know more?

Traveling Adventures

It is an experience to travel these days. Not like it was in the old days (she says pulling at all the bags and wrinkles under her eyes). There are few to no humans involved in the check-in process anymore.

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You flash your passport at a computer, it spits you out a boarding ticket, and then you put your suitcase onto a conveyer belt, puling down a screen door in front of it and off go your worldy possessions, and you hope for the best. Would you like to know more?

Prague – Part 6

In which our unlikely heroes walk up a hill to Prague Castle! (again)

So much to see, so little time! We spent an entire day up on the castle grounds. I was also glad it was the “off-season” and we didn’t have to fight our way through crowds to see everything!

Owing to the need to buy a licence to take indoor photos in some buildings, which we opted not to purchase, you’ll get the edited version of the tour.

We were also glad that we’d seen St Vitus Cathedral earlier in the week, as it was closed for maintenance the day we went back!

 photo 19dcf1c8-8662-4dd7-acd7-2d2848ea0d09_zpsf4289862.jpg

Thank goodness nothing else was closed that day, and all other maintenance was scheduled for later in the week! Though, from outside St V, the organ sounded like it was working just fine!

The Basilica of St George was founded by Prince Vratislav I. at the beginning of the 10th Century.

 photo 9b0b0a83-c22b-4527-b22e-d2eea48c1afc_zps629962b0.jpg

It became a burial ground for the princes of the house on Premyslid. Look, here’s one now … (under the tabletop)

 photo fbd4f50e-ecf1-4277-b87a-ffa65c6adc13_zpsd4947a1e.jpg

This was church number six.

Then it was on to the Golden Lane. Along with everything else we’d already seen, this was a wonderful insight into how these buildings have been used through the various phases of history.

 photo 3a697787-2ccc-48bc-b744-3ca148e9d243_zpsc8abc2dc.jpg

Initially built in the 16th Century to house the castle sharpshooters and later used to house castle goldsmiths (a possible source of the name), staff and guards, at one point is also housed the castle alchemists (also a possible source of the name). The last inhabitant only moved out in 1952.

Upstairs was the most amazing armoury I’ve ever seen! (No, I haven’t seen that many yet, but I’m working on it.) We may have spent cash in this particular gift shop …

 photo 840f5220-86de-4c16-b9ab-e961ccbd4d81_zps8dbfb3d7.jpg

We were out the bottom of the castle now, and it was cold, so we had a brief break to sample a traditional cinnamon pastry made right in front of us while we waited! So worth it too!

 photo 920b4132-6302-45ed-b015-26a004fa4070_zps38e7c4f1.jpg

The view from up here was remarkably good too! 😉

 photo c563538d-c155-4637-b224-de7e24be45f0_zps448ac4b9.jpg

Because I love you all and hear your requests, here’s a photo of Me and Himself. See how much I love you!?

 photo 84dbd561-37f1-44db-a657-45a2b49fe530_zps2ac6b01b.jpg

We were nearing the end of this particular adventure, and as we sat down over dinner, Beer goulash in bread (I need to perfect this recipe!) …

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… we took the time to point out to all my wonderful readers what some of our favourite sites were!

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All these things and more coming your way shortly!