Brussels, Belgium – Part 1

Brussels is the capital city of Belgium and home to the headquarters of the European Union also. Now, Himself and I had stopped in to Brussels once before on La Duchessa, but it’s hard to walk around and see all the things you want to see when you’re in full motorbike armour!

 photo IMG_7566_zpswrkppa7v.jpg

We knew we wanted to do some justice to Brussels, as it has so much to offer. So went back for a whole weekend in order to see some of the things we had just glimpsed from the back of the bike.

 photo IMG_7582_zpsf0fzqbqk.jpg

Our first port of call was the Rene Magritte Museum. Both Himself and I are huge fans of his work, and were excited to be back in the presence of some of his spectacular pieces. Of course, there are no photographs allowed within the exhibition …

 photo IMG_7610_zpsnguhetl0.jpg

But there were in other parts of the art gallery! Through the windows, off in the distance we could see the imposing structure of the Atomium. We wouldn’t be making it that far out this trip, but it was good to see it out there.

 photo IMG_7586_zpsf37d2pdh.jpg

But with out little Surrealist hearts satiated it was time to head out in to the streets to see our next sight!

 photo IMG_7729_zpse9r5fbvr.jpg

As we rounded a corner into a sea of people with cameras and selfie sticks, we figured we were here.

 photo IMG_7750_zps1avltgoa.jpg

The Manneken Pis.

 photo IMG_7733_zpsig9ttsop.jpg

He’s a strange little statue of a pissing boy with a wide and varied history. Ask anyone and they’ll all come out with a different background story as to what the statue is commemorating.

 photo IMG_7751_zps4kcy0tqe.jpg

And once you’ve seen him it’s possible to find your own personal copy to take home with you rendered in the the finest of Belgiam chocolate, in the same stores in which you can buy any flavour of Belgian Waffle your sugar craving inner 5 year old can handle.

 photo IMG_7789_zpste0rf04c.jpg

For some indescribable reason, I had completely forgotten that Brussels would also be covered in shops full of Belgian lace! I’m not sure how this slipped my little Fishie attention span, but it had. And so I found myself surrounded by shops which I had a hard time dragging myself away from! I’ll obviously have to go back and purchase to my heart’s desire!

 photo IMG_7805_zpshcl5domc.jpg

But onwards we must continue, as we had only one weekend this first visit, and a lot more things to fit in and see before the day was over! So on we headed to Grote Markt.

One thought on “Brussels, Belgium – Part 1

  1. The weather looks gorgeous! I’m glad to see you were able to make it back up there and have more adventures. Looking forward to seeing where you go next 🙂

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