Brussels, Belgium – Part 2

The Grand Place or Grote Markt in Dutch/Flemish is the central square of Brussels. It is surrounded by truly opulent buildings, one of which houses the Museum of the City of Brussels. The square itself is UNESCO World Heritage Listed.

 photo IMG_7816_zps7cbckajw.jpg

Similar to Dam Square in Amsterdam it is a nexus point for all sorts of sight seeing tours of the city.

 photo IMG_7830_zps0ppf5trg.jpg

Surrounded by shops of all kinds to tantalise all your senses.

 photo IMG_7844_zpsuwayswgt.jpg

I just have yet to figure out why Western Europe is so obsessed with meringues the size of your face. They seem to be everywhere. And as fascinated as I am, I can’t bring myself to indulge in one …

But speaking of all palates, and Belgium in the same phrase, I should also I guess show you just one of the beer tasting options.

 photo IMG_7849_zps7sgbe1v4.jpg

I hate to be disloyal to my adopted country but Belgium are also award winning brewers!

Brussels has amazing architecture. I’m sure by now that all my wonderful and intelligent readers have twigged to the fact that my head can easily be turned by a good piece of architecture!

 photo IMG_7870_zpsxmzh89yf.jpg

The green on at the top right is covered in musical scores and is the Musical Instruments Museum, but with only so much time, we have placed it on the schedule for our next visit!

This next picture is for Mum and Dad.

 photo IMG_7877_zps9lvnzkce.jpg

Whenever I see beagles all across the Continent or wherever we travel I think of my wonderful parents and their beagle pack, both past and present. I took a picture of this little Belgian Beagle and am now sharing my reminiscences with all of you! Feeling loved? *grins*

 photo IMG_7893_zpsmzhokoyp.jpg

This bridge was between our hotel and the central part of the city so we walked past it a few times. We were both entranced by the styling and execution, both being fans of the art deco styling, and the spheres reminding us of the Magritte works we had been looking at earlier.

 photo IMG_7920_zpsjelqivg4.jpg

With little time left it was time to head for the quite intimidatingly large building at the end of the park. The building which inspired us to come back. The building which will be explored in greater depth in my next post!

One thought on “Brussels, Belgium – Part 2

  1. The architecture is lovely.

    As someone who has purchased the meringues-the-size-of-your-head, usually in the company of friends and family visiting the area, we found them manageable only when purchased, broken into bits, and shared between us, eaten with ice cream or double-cream. Very healthy, that 😉 enjoying them from the window is definitely a healthier option. 😀

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