Brussels, Belgium – Part 3

Inside half of that massive building I showed you at the end of my previous post is the Royal Museum of the Armed Forces and of Military History, Brussels – Belgium.

 photo IMG_7944_zpsrl91iwqv.jpg

Like so much of Western Europe, Belgium has a long and colourful history of battles it has fought. The Museum is set up with a timeline in the opening hall.

 photo IMG_7953_zpsfmhj7d6r.jpg

As you move through the displays it was impressive to see so many large pieces of machinery in the collection.

 photo IMG_7987_zpsrelgusqg.jpg

But we were drawn to the large main hall which is being used as a hanger for aeroplanes from all through the history of flight! First in the door on the right is a MiG 23.

 photo IMG_8001_zpslkm72xbe.jpg

I was very taken by the massive helicopters! This particular photo is courtesy of Himself.

 photo IMG_8012_zpszcqouheq.jpg

But the entire space was amazing to behold, and quite humbling when you’re up next to the bigger planes!

 photo IMG_8091_zpsijnuohgx.jpg

With both massive transport carriers and tiny gliders it was evident that man will find a way to be up among the birds in whatever way he can manage it!

 photo IMG_8115_zpsccuou7nc.jpg

It s quite humbling to be in and around creations that are so large and so very powerful, it promotes a feeling of insignificance that I have found lacking from modern air travel.

 photo IMG_8126_zpse44csl2d.jpg

It is easy to forget just how big planes have gotten when you are being shuffled from terminal, to gang plank, to cabin without really being up close and personal with just how big things have gotten.

 photo IMG_8130_zpssloyffnj.jpg

With our weekend done, we finally felt like we have given Brussels some justice. Now we just have to plan it into our future bike rides to go back again!

 photo 348d6547-17be-41f1-b01b-1293eb11815d_zpspvzluqo8.jpg

What with the current migrant crisis foremost in Europe’s mind, this piece of wall art seemed a particularly apt way to sum up the feelings of lots of people in the Headquarters of the Union.

So long for now Brussels! We’ll be back soon!

One thought on “Brussels, Belgium – Part 3

  1. It looks like a wonderful display space for the planes and helicopters, not least because of the high ceilings and wide halls, but all the natural light! While it might not be good for other types of exhibitions, it looks like a wonderful and bright place to explore, which makes a nice change.

    Thank you for sharing your trip with us! Will look forward to wherever you head next, and seeing more of Brussels through your eyes on a future return visit 🙂

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