Some of my favourite places

We’ll start with the Sydney Fish Markets. We’ve been here before. I’ve brought you here a couple of times in the past. It’s one of my many Happy Places, and I love sharing it with other people. On this trip, I shared it with my family, and now I’m sharing it with you.

 photo IMG_0736_zpshgnfkbnz.jpg

If you’re a seafood eater you’ll understand just how enveloping and drool-worthy this place is. Would you like to know more?

Brussels, Belgium – Part 3

Inside half of that massive building I showed you at the end of my previous post is the Royal Museum of the Armed Forces and of Military History, Brussels – Belgium.

 photo IMG_7944_zpsrl91iwqv.jpg

Like so much of Western Europe, Belgium has a long and colourful history of battles it has fought. The Museum is set up with a timeline in the opening hall. Would you like to know more?

Museum Van Loon

Goodmorning Gentle Readers! How are you all? I hope your outlook for the week is exciting and adventurous! I have been exploring again, and have gone to a new museum, which I want to share with you all today; the Museum Van Loon.

 photo IMG_6377_zpsc2016a3b.jpg

In the heart of Amsterdam’s Grachten Gordel (canal ring) you can find the house of the Van Loon family. In 1602 Willem van Loon co-founded the Dutch East India company. Would you like to know more?

Italy, Rome – Part 2

Just using this next photo, who can guess what one of our first scheduled tours in Rome was? Well, technically, not in Rome, but still in Rome …

 photo IMG_5130_zpsc61333ba.jpg

Got it in one! The Vatican Museums. This sculpture of Isis & Horus is a part of their extensive Egyptian collection. Would you like to know more?

Christchurch – Part 2

Into the museum and we discovered a Banksy exhibition was on. I’ve been a fan of Banksy for quite a few years now, I enjoy his take on social commentary.

 photo IMG_9667_zps61edd700.jpg

The museum and city of Christchurch are hosting a wider exhibition on graffiti and street art. Given that the Art Gallery is closed owning to earthquake damage, the city is making good use of all it’s large blank canvasses in the form of big blank walls, and there is a lot of art to be found just driving around. But I’ll get to that in later posts. Would you like to know more?