Christchurch – Part 2

Into the museum and we discovered a Banksy exhibition was on. I’ve been a fan of Banksy for quite a few years now, I enjoy his take on social commentary.

 photo IMG_9667_zps61edd700.jpg

The museum and city of Christchurch are hosting a wider exhibition on graffiti and street art. Given that the Art Gallery is closed owning to earthquake damage, the city is making good use of all it’s large blank canvasses in the form of big blank walls, and there is a lot of art to be found just driving around. But I’ll get to that in later posts.

 photo IMG_9716_zpsbbe92998.jpg

There is something very comforting about being able to see your favourite old exhibits in the museum after such a catastrophic and radical event like an earthquake.

 photo IMG_9701_zps5891d492.jpg

And when there is so much damage all around, it’s good to see some things haven’t changed.

 photo IMG_9765_zps64439de7.jpg

After traveling all over the world in the last few years, it’s been good for all of us to reconnect with family and friends too.

 photo IMG_9738_zps55f62acb.jpg

There is a reason why I love this Museum! Such a good sense of humour!

 photo IMG_9753_zpsde8daf42.jpg

And with the current exhibition on, there were surprises to be found all over the museum!

 photo IMG_9790_zpsf258c66d.jpg

This guy was one of my favourites though! Positioned as he was up in the historical costumes section, he made for quite the juxtaposition! Such a visual jolt really does focus your attention on what’s around you though!

Suddenly my wardrobe is feeling the lack of a luchador costume …

Outside and around the building we ventured into the Botanic Gardens.

 photo IMG_9815_zps8c4df0ba.jpg

It was so peaceful, and so warm. Given other circumstances (more time) I would have loved to sit there for a day, bathing in the light, fresh air, and scent of the flowers, having a picnic.

 photo IMG_9834_zps0b048275.jpg

But it was not to be.

 photo IMG_9860_zps321e76df.jpg

Not on this trip anyway.

We still had so much more to see and do and achieve!

3 thoughts on “Christchurch – Part 2

  1. The exhibition sounds so cool! Wish it was closer so I could visit, as it looks like an excellent place to explore and I really like the sense of humour expressed through the displays. Do they have any images of the exhibition on their website, in case I want to explore further?

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