Christchurch – Part 3

Next we wanted to see friends. Facebook is one thing, but it’s so much better to actually see the people you care about and sit with them around a table having a pink cider and gossiping about all of life’s little intricacies! So we found a likely looking venue …

 photo IMG_9805_zps8fe49ce0.jpg

… and commenced with the pink cider drinking. Mmm … berries … All was right with the world.

 photo IMG_9907_zps04b61aa1.jpg

Except for the bit where I was offered a ride in a friends car, so jumped up and excitedly ran outside forgetting to take my camera with me to show you all how AWESOME this car is, because, well, look at it!?!

 photo IMAG0638_zps6bba33ed.jpg

That is an electric car. An electric car that J built. And I rode in it. And it was silent. And it was, nay IS amazing! Dodgy photo by Himself, on his phone.

Friday was an exciting day where us girls got together and drove around Christchurch … (this is the sheep paddock next to the airport) …

 photo IMG_9899_zpsfa81c4c8.jpg

… looking at all the changes …

 photo IMG_9913_zps4f99f043.jpg

… and experiencing how all the drivers have become remarkably polite now that road closures are normal and unpredictable.

 photo IMG_9919_zps50dd3bb9.jpg

Until we got tired of it all and decided to go shopping instead.

 photo IMG_9926_zps145909d1.jpg

Then even that got too much and we went for a leisurely lunch.

 photo IMG_9934_zps7573fd23.jpg

The cider may have been a bit much for a poor wee Pukeko to deal with! But he did enjoy how close the picturesque arcade was to sheep paddock!

 photo IMG_9935_zps4618a127.jpg

There was more stunning art to be seen …

 photo IMG_9939_zpsdeb670bc.jpg

… and no trip to Christchurch is complete until you’ve seen the penguin bus!

 photo IMG_9957_zps6cac47f5.jpg

With this sighting it was time for us to head out of town for a night.

Where do you think we headed to?

6 thoughts on “Christchurch – Part 3

  1. Poor Pukeko looks knackered. So much excitement. I love the picture of the arcades and sheep paddock. The contrast in colours and textures is very cool (and shades on those hills remind me a bit of home).

  2. MISSGOLDFISH!!!!!!!!!!!
    You went drinking inside the TARDIS and then for a drive in the Delorean (I see that flux capacitor)!!!!!!!
    Love love love

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