The Lake District

There are odd, weird things that you miss when you move country. Things that, if you’d never left, you never would have eaten again. You wouldn’t miss them.

 photo IMG_1979_zpsvvcnh2g2.jpg

For me apparently, the “it” is crumpets with golden syrup. It was cold, I was in England, I regret nothing! Would you like to know more?

Christchurch – Part 3

Next we wanted to see friends. Facebook is one thing, but it’s so much better to actually see the people you care about and sit with them around a table having a pink cider and gossiping about all of life’s little intricacies! So we found a likely looking venue …

 photo IMG_9805_zps8fe49ce0.jpg

… and commenced with the pink cider drinking. Mmm … berries … All was right with the world. Would you like to know more?