The Lake District

There are odd, weird things that you miss when you move country. Things that, if you’d never left, you never would have eaten again. You wouldn’t miss them.

 photo IMG_1979_zpsvvcnh2g2.jpg

For me apparently, the “it” is crumpets with golden syrup. It was cold, I was in England, I regret nothing! Would you like to know more?

London – Part 5

So much to do, so little time! It was up early in order to fit everything in today! It was one of the few days where we did have a timing deadline, as I had organised to meet up with friends in the evening.

In this vein we did something that I hadn’t actually planned for and wasn’t on the itinerary. We headed to Loop, the yarn shop.

 photo IMG_6554_zps43030917.jpg

I was so good! I was so strong! I made it out of there with no purchases! Hooray me! (I think Himself went into shock!) Would you like to know more?

Things that make up a Long Weekend

Introducing friends to the White Cockatoo. (Yes, that’s 2 between 4. No, they weren’t finished.)


Visiting your Local Yarn Shop,


with Noro corner.


Finding an Oopmah Band celebrating Oktoberfest


Sausages and bacon for breakfast!


Indulging at the Lindt cafe with a brownie,


and an $8 chocolate shake.


As always, there was also plenty of time to indulge in a little movie quoting too!

Were you listening to me, Neo? Or were you looking at the woman in the red dress?


White Cockatoo

Quick post about the pub we went to last night for dinner; The White Cockatoo.

You hear stories about the schnitzel … and then you order it. We decided each schnitzel must be a complete chicken.

We ordered 3 between 5 people.

The Australian


The Mexican


And the Seafood (garlic prawns and calamari)


The only one I got a finished picture of was the Seafood. But I think it speaks for itself. The other plates were in a similar state. (This was between me and Himself)


The suggestion for next time is one schnitzel between five, and then (if we finish) a desert!