The Lake District

There are odd, weird things that you miss when you move country. Things that, if you’d never left, you never would have eaten again. You wouldn’t miss them.

 photo IMG_1979_zpsvvcnh2g2.jpg

For me apparently, the “it” is crumpets with golden syrup. It was cold, I was in England, I regret nothing!

 photo IMG_1998_zpsuiwol6jh.jpg

We had driven across the land mass to the far side, and planted ourselves in the centre of the Lake District.

 photo IMG_2053_zpstltw9hop.jpg

The plan had been to park ourselves down the road from Beatrix Potter’s House (where I needed to make pilgrimage), and then ride out each day from there all over and around the hills and lakes.

 photo IMG_2061_zps6z8g51s1.jpg

Yes, well. The rain and hail I spoke of in Whitby, may have followed us across the country to Near Sawrey and become snow.

 photo IMG_2079_zpsq1ockkhn.jpg

Near Sawrey is a beautiful little village. It is what I would classify as “typically English” in terms of villages. They had a pub, but not a store. You had to drive to the next village for groceries.

 photo IMG_2093_zps0df0cra5.jpg

We made a lot of new, and good friends that week. In the local pub. While drinking pints. With the locals. And the sheep. I even learned how to pull a real pint!

 photo IMG_2099_zpsv19gwa5c.jpg

There was snow, there was rain, there was more snow. It was incredibly picturesque!

 photo IMG_2104_zpsnrbu1q4e.jpg

It was also cold and wet. Himself and I have since discovered that the best way to make us stop is stick us in the middle of no where with no means, and no drive to escape.

 photo IMG_2111_zpsi3gwc4zz.jpg

It was perfect! We were surrounded by all the glory of nature, while in a gorgeous little cottage all our own, and I was able to see Peter Rabbit, Benjamin Bunny, and Jemima Puddle Duck in exactly the paces that they were written about.

(Himself also does a mean Old Mr McGreggor impersonation too! You’ll have to ask him about it!)

One thought on “The Lake District

  1. It sounds like a lovely visit, despite the inclement weather (thought it would have been even better with more liberty of movement and less cold!!).

    Now I definitely need to add “Hear Himself’s Old Mr McGreggor impression” to my lifelist… 🙂

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