Whitby Goth Weekend

Part of the reason for going to Whitby was for the Whitby Goth Weekend.

 photo IMG_1886_zpso3a6wtw2.jpg

We wanted to flex our little bat wings out and see what else was around after exploring WGT the year before.

 photo IMG_1891_zpszpdqlxok.jpg

It was interesting to see a new event in a new space and see how it was adopted and embraced by the entire town, and how everyone interacted with it.

 photo IMG_1912_zpsvxdjxfii.jpg

We had gone over to the UK on the ferry and had taken La Duchessa (the motorbike) so had limited clothing space for wardrobe.

 photo IMG_1916_zpsgmnj0yk5.jpg

We met some wonderful people, struck up some great conversations, but if you click the link above to the wiki article, you’ll see that the festival has diversified in recent years.

 photo IMG_1917_zpscgfgdxdv.jpg

So there were a lot of people (who we met and talked to while eating in tea houses) who had come just to watch the passing street parade.

 photo IMG_1919_zps1lww4gpo.jpg

A bunch of others who came as an excuse to dress up and cosplay.

 photo IMG_1925_zpsaonow9sy.jpg

So we ended up just sticking with the music venue each evening after spending our days exploring the towm.

 photo IMG_4425_zpsaxoni2fs.jpg

At one point while up near the cathedral ruins we were interviewed by a film crew who were making a short film for one of the bands!

 photo IMG_1951_zpscyqvui38.jpg

We had some good times in Whitby over the weekend that we were there. We met some great people, ate some amazing scones, and watched the rain and hail sheeting sideways down the street!

But then we packed up our panniers and headed West!

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