Leipzig – Wave Gotik Treffen

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Esteemed Audience! We have made a recent(ish) trip to Leipzig! Now I shall regale you with the tales of our adventure!

 photo IMG_6801_zpsusjdlwsb.jpg

Along with 20,000 other people, we descended for the four day music festival that is Wave Gotik Treffen. It happens every year over the Pentecost long weekend.

 photo IMG_6882_zps5g5xb2ra.jpg

I have been mulling over this post for a month now, not really sure how to encapsulate the entire experience, as there were so many facets to see, do, and absorb!

 photo IMG_6795_zpsnim2yrdn.jpg

We traveled with a friend in her car, sharing the driving for such a long journey, and arrived late on the Thursday night. We then set about checking into our hotel, meeting up with friends, and having some dinner before planning out what shape the next few days would take.

 photo IMG_6846_zpsz0f3p7mt.jpg

There are so many bands across so many venues all over Leipzig, I’ve really never seen anything like it before. We eased into the festivities with a band who was reminiscent of Bowie in the 80’s.

 photo IMG_6835_zpsxkzno251.jpg

I was impressed every day with the city’s willingness to let us take over and paint the town black. We really were everywhere and it was incredibly welcoming and encapsulating.

 photo IMG_6887_zps9y8q20ps.jpg

Leipzig is in the heart of the old East Germany, so there is immense amounts of things to see and do, and it was wonderful that so many local art galleries, museums, and shops got in on the fun and welcomed us and our tourist euros!

 photo IMG_6899_zps3a80xx7t.jpg

Himself and I were a bit slow in getting ourselves together what with so many options at any given time every day that we may have gotten mixed up and lost once or twice, but we still made it to the important bands who we wanted to see.

 photo IMG_6903_zpsoeqafbxy.jpg

And in doing so saw so much of Leipzig at the same time. Thank goodness the local transport system is so easy to navigate!

 photo IMG_6905_zpsbwezlwav.jpg

We spoiled ourselves that weekend. There was so much to achieve, and we had a couple of groups of wonderful friends who were all more than willing to initiate us through all the best bits! Like champagne breakfast!

 photo IMG_6906_zpscmtcdrvb.jpg

Given the scale of the event though, there was so much we didn’t manage to see this time. But we know better for our next visit! Now I’m just wondering who next year’s headliners are!?!

6 thoughts on “Leipzig – Wave Gotik Treffen

  1. Sounds like it would be worth it to go next year, no matter who the headliners may be, just to soak in more of the experience and the culture? 🙂

  2. OH George!!!
    It’s been so long since I’ve visited your blog. I love the new (not sure how new it is since its been a long time since I’ve been able to check in here) look! It’s fantastic!
    I see you have been having alot of great adventures I need to catch up on. I hope you are doing well, old friend! hugs and love!

    1. There you are! I’ve missed you!

      The site changed a while ago, and I still have lots of copy to write, but I have been a bit slack. :/ Still having lots of fun having adventures though! And how are you? Been up to lots of fun things? Shall I find you back in the old haunts? *all the hugs*

      1. I just love looking at all your photos of Amsterdam and your travels in Europe. I wish I could just move there!!! I have Finnish citizenship so I could and work in the Euro Union but … practicalities etc… and hubby is Canadian and family and grandkids etc. I live vicariously through you! 🙂
        I’m not anywhere much on the internet these days. Ravelry once in awhile. Instagram daily. Link on my Ravelry. But I know you don’t do Instagram.
        Life is good for me. I have a good job, nice home, food to eat, fresh air, sunshine and lots of yarn! 😉
        One day, I’m coming to visit you. I swear it! ♥

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