White Cockatoo

Quick post about the pub we went to last night for dinner; The White Cockatoo.

You hear stories about the schnitzel … and then you order it. We decided each schnitzel must be a complete chicken.

We ordered 3 between 5 people.

The Australian


The Mexican


And the Seafood (garlic prawns and calamari)


The only one I got a finished picture of was the Seafood. But I think it speaks for itself. The other plates were in a similar state. (This was between me and Himself)


The suggestion for next time is one schnitzel between five, and then (if we finish) a desert!


4 thoughts on “White Cockatoo

  1. I felt terrible for leaving that much meat on the plate, and at the same time terrible for consuming as much as I did.

    1. I said to Himself this morning that I’m so going to have one of those A4 zip lock bags in my handbag next time and just doggie bag it to eat the next day! Hells Bells that was an insane amount of food!

      (and yet, awesome prices and I think just what we were looking for! ;))

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