Things that make up a Long Weekend

Introducing friends to the White Cockatoo. (Yes, that’s 2 between 4. No, they weren’t finished.)


Visiting your Local Yarn Shop,


with Noro corner.


Finding an Oopmah Band celebrating Oktoberfest


Sausages and bacon for breakfast!


Indulging at the Lindt cafe with a brownie,


and an $8 chocolate shake.


As always, there was also plenty of time to indulge in a little movie quoting too!

Were you listening to me, Neo? Or were you looking at the woman in the red dress?


4 thoughts on “Things that make up a Long Weekend

  1. yeah,
    the white cockatoo rocks. used to go there when it wasn’t cool back in 92, has been jazzed up a little since then. my mate was the first chef under the then new owners…..

    lovelly yarn shop!!

  2. That’s a lot of Noro! The Lindt café made me giggle; I didn’t know they had spread that far outside of Switzerland.

    1. I know, right! So much Norro. But in that pic the colours aren’t … shown well. Given that it’s one of the few things I like about the brand 😛

      Yeah, there are several of them around Sydney 🙂 It’s the best chocolate we have (mainly because Belgian is harder to find down here!)

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