So I’m involved in a couple of swaps at the moment on Ravelry, one of which has a “Gnome” theme. I thought I’d expand the theme a little and for the something small I’m going to send, I made some tiny toadstool stitch-markers!

Of course I documented the process for all of you lovely folks playing along at home!

First there was FIMO in red, white, and sand colours, and I used flat-ended jewellery pins.


On to the pins I shaped the toadstool stalk (I made as many as I had pins for)


then hood


and finally the tiny white dots.


Then it was into the oven for half an hour on 110C


Once out and cooled, I snapped off the excess wire, and used round-nosed jewellery pliers to bend the ends around and hold the closed jump ring.




Somehow I don’t think I’ll give up my day job, but I do think they have a quaint and rustic charm! *grins *

4 thoughts on “Swaps

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