More photos?

It seems odd to say it, but as much as I wanted to do a whole second post with pictures from the last Jurassic Lounge when I went back over them, they didn’t excite me.

Well, this one did. His names is Oscar.


And maybe this one. I love the colour!


And well … this is amusing. Museum staff obviously have a sense of humour!


PUKECKO! (and echidna butt)


So instead of posting more pictures from that night, I thought I’d just show you how I re-engineered that fudge recipe to be white chocolate and cranberries.


Basically I did everything the same, but substituted white chocolate for dark, and switched out the coffee for a handful of chopped up dried cranberries. Looks good, tastes like it needed to be cooked a little longer.


I think this is my new go-to/all-purpose fudge recipe! It’s so easily modifiable!

Also, have some proof that I do learn from my mistakes!



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