Art & About

The opening ceremonies for Art and About this year kicked off on Friday night. We had been planning on going since seeing it advertised at the Art Gallery when we were there for the Mad Square Exhibit. Until I went to the A&A website I hadn’t realised just how many other venues would be hosting opening event entertainment as well! But we were determined to go to the Cabaret at the Art Gallery.

We started our afternoon in the growing wind and dropping temperatures in Martin Place where there was free music,


amongst the towering buildings


and the historic banks,


with free play-doh for all to enjoy!


When the wind got a bit too much for us, we headed off over the park through darkening twilight


to the Gallery,


which was swarming with people


and set up with some really comfortable looking lounges!


These guys were just incredible, and I wish I could have gotten close enough to get a decent photograph or two! But I am determined to hunt down a CD if it exists!

I don’t know about you, but I love sitting down to watch a show in the lobby of the Art Gallery of NSW and being presented with a man in suspenders.


Especially when it turns out I know him and he recognises me! *grins waves to Black Paul* I know all the best people! Means I can get good photographs for you guys too!


It had been a long day at this point, and though not late, we took this opportunity to farewell our friends and wandered our way back through my picturesque Sydney to a bus stop.


Until next time My Lovelies!

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