Giftmas is Coming!

It’s November! It must be that time again! Time for me to show you what I’ve been finding in stores since September! (Yes, really.)

 photo IMG_6440_zpsfcd5ce3a.jpg

Honestly? I’ve found a lot of the stores to be a little lacklustre this year. It’s been a little disappointing. But I’ve pulled out the best for you! (Psst! The best was from Fortnum & Mason.) Would you like to know more?

London – Part 10

Ladies and Gentlemen, the ticket I bought on Platform 9 ¾ didn’t get me to Hogwarts, but I did get there.

 photo IMG_7159_zps55a1f2aa.jpg

I took myself and our Dear Hostess off for a tour of the Leavesdon Studios. Partly in thanks for her hospitality, and partly because I’m a massive fan girl. I’m at peace with this information. Would you like to know more?

London – Part 9

I am going to begin the end tale by ramping up slowly for you, as the day itself began quite slowly. Well, it did for me. Himself was off on his Conference and out the door early again. I woke up, and lolled for a while. Met the new boyfriend of the Hostess. Did some knitting … It’s me. I’m exciting.

But as the morning warmed up and the sun shone down upon us, we took action and headed for the Regents Park with some pieces of bread in a plastic bag. We were on a mission.

 photo IMG_7104_zps968e7d33.jpg

A thoroughly successful one if I do say so myself! Would you like to know more?

London – Part 8

I was at a bit of a loss this day. It was Saturday, and Himself had taken himself off early to go to the conference, which was the reason for being in London. I had had plans of heading out to Hampton Court, as I’d been warned that takes a day to really see it all. But after getting up and having a shower the week of pushing myself onwards and onwards, combined with a night that stretched into the early morning hours with catch ups … caught up with me. I went back to bed.

I caught up on some emails, and news. I snuggled with the resident cat. I generally took it very easy and gingerly.

When I did finally get up, I had a few hours to kill until Himself was free and full of Day One stories, so I took myself off down to London Bridge Station, and just … wandered. In my infinite wisdom, I had deduced that where I would be going was off the map, so had given it to Himself for the day. Of course, as I ended up in London, and not out of London, I was wary of straying too far from places I knew without a map.

This was kinda cool though!

 photo IMG_6564_zps28684388.jpg

But the queue (and fee) to get up to the observation deck were off-putting. Would you like to know more?

London – Part 7

It was a day of train stations. But before we could go touring, we had to change residence. We gave up our nice, neat, close (in need of a good scrub and some serious maintenance) apartment and hoofed it on over to stay with a friend for the last couple of days of our trip. After dumping all our bags (just one, we’d packed quite well really!) we headed back to the station. Click here for the sound track that goes with the first photo!

 photo IMG_6954_zpsde79ab16.jpg

*melts into the sax* Trust me to completely forget that Baker Street was Sherlock Holmes stomping ground until I got to the station and his silhouette was plastered all over the walls! I also don’t watch much current television programming, can you tell? Would you like to know more?