Giftmas is Coming!

It’s November! It must be that time again! Time for me to show you what I’ve been finding in stores since September! (Yes, really.)

 photo IMG_6440_zpsfcd5ce3a.jpg

Honestly? I’ve found a lot of the stores to be a little lacklustre this year. It’s been a little disappointing. But I’ve pulled out the best for you! (Psst! The best was from Fortnum & Mason.)

 photo IMG_6450_zps7d1e419c.jpg

Especially when I know I have space I want to fill on my tree from last year.

 photo IMG_6451_zps56d48d7a.jpg

This one’s for you Nerdi! I couldn’t turn them around because there was a shelf stocker watching me!

 photo IMG_6449_zpse9b82b36.jpg

This one is for all the knitters out there.

 photo IMG_6448_zps0bc5f108.jpg

This one is for MouseCatFish. Owls are really popular again this year!

 photo IMG_6474_zps6a5c841e.jpg

I think the parasols are really pretty! But I would want a selection of colours … And for the Northern Hemisphere, they’re a bit tropical!

 photo IMG_6453_zpsecebaa43.jpg

Ah! This is more Northern Hemisphere! Again though, ALL the colours!

 photo IMG_6454_zps767012ac.jpg

Or these perhaps? Polar Bears are popular again this year too. I guess at least they aren’t decapitated like last year.

 photo IMG_6465_zpsc83cecef.jpg

Perhaps something that looks like the old fashioned round baubles in my mind? Some hand blown and painted eggs? (Some of these were just master-pieces! And they had the price tags to match.)

 photo IMG_6472_zps3b346be1.jpg

What’s left? A fond childhood memory you say? Is a rocking horse good for that?

 photo IMG_6458_zpsf95466d0.jpg

What about something that reminds you of the season?

 photo IMG_6455_zps360337bb.jpg

You know what? I think I need a stiff drink. How about a Mince Pie Martini?

 photo IMG_5895_zps1d7e9a8e.jpg

You can get the recipe and instructions here, and just thank me later!

Relax and Enjoy!

9 thoughts on “Giftmas is Coming!

  1. Oh all the sparkles! The yarn reindeer looks very neat — is it a hanging ornament or a standing one? And whee owls! They seem to be very popular these days. Wonder what’s driving that…

    So which ornaments followed you home? 😀

    1. There were some rainbow owls too! I’ll forward you that picture 😉

      All the ones I wanted were too expensive (GBP40 or 90) so I didn’t get any of them. There was also the issue of carrying them home 😉 I’ll go shopping here after Sinterklaas instead.

    1. I have been informed of this, yes 😉
      My tree doesn’t go up until December, and it may have been up when Sinterklaas visited our clogs last year … I’m sure he forgave us!

  2. SQUEE!!!
    While I am not a Christmas kinda person — I really love christmas decorations for the tree…. especially non traditional ones. I LOOOOOVE those blue skulls and the buddhas!!! so much. Also the carousel horse.

    I think I have to go look at their website.

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