Himself and I have been up to so much! There was some Giftmas shopping, a Halloween party, dumplings for lunch, a trip to Haarlem, and a Swedish Fair! In amongst all of that, we also went to de kermis, which was back visiting the Dam again!

Being that we were entirely well for this visit, unlike the last time, we got a little more adventurous than the ferris wheel. We went on the swing chairs!

 photo IMG_7570_zps9947fc18.jpg

And if you think that sounds lame, let me just give you some perspective on how high up we were …

 photo IMG_7564_zps61d9f806.jpg

It is an amazing view from up there. This is looking up towards Centraal Station.

 photo IMG_7559_zps1b04f7aa.jpg

Here’s the Palace (left) and the New Church (right), where the recent inauguration of the King took place.

 photo IMG_7560_zps47ee6f42.jpg

And this is the National Monument.

 photo IMG_7571_zpsf9316d42.jpg

But its not all swinging, sight seeing, and chairs when you’re at the fair. No. Himself tried his hand at the archery range. (It was rigged, obviously.)

 photo IMG_7617_zps240d9eb3.jpg

And may have talked me into one of the other rides.

 photo IMG_7576_zps51511f59.jpg

Yes. We were shot off of a sling shot.

 photo IMG_7581_zps072b76a5.jpg


*giggles* Damn I love that man!

I’d like to thank our dear friends C&K for spending a lovely weekend with us, and taking the wonderful photos of Yours Truly and Himself for the blog!

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