Himself and I have been up to so much! There was some Giftmas shopping, a Halloween party, dumplings for lunch, a trip to Haarlem, and a Swedish Fair! In amongst all of that, we also went to de kermis, which was back visiting the Dam again!

Being that we were entirely well for this visit, unlike the last time, we got a little more adventurous than the ferris wheel. We went on the swing chairs!

 photo IMG_7570_zps9947fc18.jpg

And if you think that sounds lame, let me just give you some perspective on how high up we were … Would you like to know more?

Scenes from Amsterdam

It has been a busy week of errands, which aren’t really all that photo worthy. Sorry about that. But! I did finally get the opportunity to take a picture of one of my favourite (surprising) Dutch windows!

 photo IMG_4079_zps27cc3915.jpg

The Dutch love to display things in their windows. Almost anything will do. I’ve seen rocking horses, statues, vases, paintings, cats (both real, stuffed and pictures of) and plants. But this one I spotted long ago from a tram window I have been wanting to share with you ever since. It was finally a sunny enough day that I went past again and snapped this for you. Would you like to know more?