Prague – Part 4

After a quick change of hotel (also highly recommended – the Bishops House) we made the great trek up the hill to the Castle.

All the streets in Prague look like this.

 photo 01db294c-b55b-4b9f-8a84-88f5c455c257_zpse5ef657e.jpg

Unless they look like this …

 photo 68065b85-0724-49fb-b1fe-68746dd4b1d8_zpsf4d7a850.jpg

… or this …

 photo c859cbb8-8081-41ad-a601-ecbe1e3ed7f0_zps49a8aa59.jpg

… or this!

 photo ac4daa25-cb8f-4978-91f6-a55cfe19b2b1_zps06e89b0c.jpg

And at the top, the Castle was just bustling!

 photo 2819facd-5967-43ab-bea3-da4e4d3c39db_zps4ceff8be.jpg

As we made our way through the front gates, and on to the grounds, we realised we’d missed being able to see the changing of the guards (every hour on the hour) by _that much!_ *holds finger and thumb together* So we watched it from inside the gates.

 photo cf6d15b6-6eb1-41e5-b983-7a0c8475c9d9_zps82493ee6.jpg

Suddenly, before we knew it, we were in the inner sanctum, and there, rising up in front of us was St Vitus Cathedral!

 photo 28273934-abcd-4349-b902-f52ecd8f4d68_zpsb6e1da4f.jpg

It is remarkably difficult to adequately express the grandeur of this epic gothic cathedral in photographs.

 photo c90c381e-5bc0-4a2e-8fd6-68fc785cc41e_zpsb86083d6.jpg

But I tried anyway.

 photo 6f10aa0b-9863-42e3-b92b-0270d2b8a036_zps56583aed.jpg

After absorbing as much of it as we could, we headed back down the hill, vowing to return again before we left.

Tromping our little troop down the hill, we did manage to come across this twisted little stairway,

 photo dd5cb577-b4c7-4ebd-ae83-a2098faf4a4a_zps5faeb716.jpg

… which promised two things. First was the promise of coffee. Second … Well, second was that within the complex which had coffee, was also housed the Alchemy Museum!

 photo c5b977bf-f7c5-4396-be9e-1c74b148c201_zps70924f3f.jpg

I think Reginald and Rupert may have gotten in over their heads!

Our adventure will continue tomorrow!

Happy Koninginnedag!!!

I know it was a few days ago now, but I thought I’d share a little local colour with you! And that colour, was Orange.



On Queen’s Day every year, everyone gets their orange on and hits the streets to celebrate Queen Beatrix’s Birthday. Though Queen Beatrix was born on 31 January, the holiday is observed on 30 April as it was the birthday of her mother and predecessor, Juliana. (Follow the link above for more information)


We stayed to the Centrum given where we began from and the fact that not only were we on foot, but the entirety of the public transport system was not operational owing to the sheer magnitude of people that converge on the city centre.




I actually wish we’d been closer to Vondel Park and the activities there, or that crossing Amsterdam on foot to get there wasn’t such an epic journey through the crowds.



But we had a LOT of fun watching the party boats on the canals!


I’d love to be on a boat next year! Just ambling our way around waving at everyone. Or dancing our way around the canals.

It was all so loud, and the City such a mess (I have to get used to outdoor urinals I guess) that it was kind of a relief to get home.


You might want to turn the volume down on your speakers before pressing play on the video!

But still, I can say that we have partied our first Queens Day! Happy Koninginnedag everyone!!!

As an interesting side fact, there were 100,000 LESS people in Amsterdam for Queen’s Day than there were last year!