Rottnest and the Quokkas

When I were a wee lass… just a few short years ago… I had a friend named Weapon, who told me stories of the Quokkas on Rottnest Island. I wasn’t going to be in his home town, and not go and see the quokkas. Poor Himself didn’t have a chance.

 photo IMG_5099_zps8rxpgxas.jpg

Other than wanting to go, this side excursion was mostly unplanned. So it was off to the concierge asking him to wield his magic for us! (I love a good concierge! They can do anything!) Would you like to know more?

Italy, Venice – Part 2

We had explored off-island on our own, now it was time to do a little exploring on the island, but this time with a little more expertise and local knowledge at hand!

 photo IMG_2793_zpsd78ab51e.jpg

I booked us in for an all day tour, which was really two separate two hour tours with a three hour gap in the middle where you could do your own exploring and have lunch. Would you like to know more?

Fine Week, Gentle Readers!

I hope this week finds you well, and that you all had wonderful and productive (or relaxing) weekends! Himself and I have been away. But we’re back now.

 photo IMG_2498_zps10bbb488.jpg

I’m still processing the nearly three thousand, three hundred photographs that I took. So while I’m trying to get my head around that, let us see if you can guess where we went! Would you like to know more?

Weekend Meditation

I’m sitting at my desk. It’s as good a place as any to be sitting, and begin this blog post. But I haven’t a clue what to write about. I’ve been reading this weekend’s Weekend Meditation over at the Kitchen, and ruminating on my own mediations for what the previous week has held, the up coming week has in store, and where I am at right now in my life.

It’s Summer. I’ve been busy revelling in it. Being outside. Just being in nature, which for me, in Amsterdam, means the park.

 photo IMG_3670_zps9faa19cd.jpg

Would you like to know more?