Rottnest and the Quokkas

When I were a wee lass… just a few short years ago… I had a friend named Weapon, who told me stories of the Quokkas on Rottnest Island. I wasn’t going to be in his home town, and not go and see the quokkas. Poor Himself didn’t have a chance.

 photo IMG_5099_zps8rxpgxas.jpg

Other than wanting to go, this side excursion was mostly unplanned. So it was off to the concierge asking him to wield his magic for us! (I love a good concierge! They can do anything!)

 photo IMG_5105_zpscm7lo5tx.jpg

We came home that evening to a note under our door that we’d be picked up at ludicrous hour the next morning. With alarms set, we drifted off to sleep.

 photo IMG_5160_zpsol8i0rpn.jpg

Before the alarm went off we had a phone call from the tour company just confirming with us that we wanted to go on this day’s ferry over to the island and asking for our credit card number! Well, at least we weren’t going to miss the boat.

 photo IMG_5167_zpsamc1ezqn.jpg

We had decided that out of all the available options, our best bet was just to see what we could of the island on foot. It’s not all that big, and we know we work best at our own pace.

 photo IMG_5171_zpspvsurnei.jpg

There may also have been a tiny bit of me that was worried that I wouldn’t be able to find the quokkas and I wanted to be “on the ground” and able to stop as soon as I spotted one!

 photo IMG_5187_zps16qoselt.jpg

My fears turned out to be unfounded.

 photo IMG_5216_zpsc23dr1ba.jpg

Yeah, they were … I’m not going to say everywhere, because they are (as I had feared) nocturnal animals, but certainly along the coast and in the shade they were easy to spot, and friendly enough to come up to you, even if you weren’t allowed to pat or feed them.

 photo IMG_5249_zpsuvzdkobm.jpg

We were pointed in the direction of a beautiful bay by some fellow islanders in bathing suits, and took time out from our game of “spot the fluffy” to have a swim in the Indian Ocean.

 photo IMG_5256_zps8pvxg4xl.jpg

The temperature was perfect. The sea was wonderful. We swam for a bit, then stood on some rocks and watched the fishes swimming beneath us. I’d forgotten just how delightful clear blue sea water could be! (*takes a long hard look over at the Aegean*)

 photo IMG_5214_zpsti3aemjb.jpg

We wandered our way back around through an inland road, marveling at the lake, the lack of trees, our need for more water, and stopping in the shady patches to take more photos of quokkas. We just returned in time for the ferry to take us back over to Perth for the evening.

One of our best adventures ever! Next time I believe I’d like to camp on the island, or stay in some of the accommodation for a few days 😉

There’s still more to come from our West Australian adventure!

2 thoughts on “Rottnest and the Quokkas

  1. Wheeeee quokkas!!! I’m glad some of them braved the daylight hours and you were able to say hello. Thank you for sharing the pictures of the fluffies!

    The swim sounds divine; what a wonderful day and a relaxing afternoon!

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