Himself and I always wanted to go to Perth. It has been on our wishlist for many years, but we never quite managed to make it while still living in the country. So when I received a message from a friend that she was getting married, and it was in Perth, there was no way I wasn’t going to be there!

 photo IMG_4885_zpsahw0jpbt.jpg

Why not travel around the world to see something you’ve never seen before?! We decided on balance that spending a week in Perth would be best. Achieve as much off our “want” list as possible.

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We found Perth to be a wonderful, easily walk-able city. Possibly helped by how close we parked our selves to the centre of town.

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On the first day we were lucky enough to be taken to Kings Park and spend time soaking up not only the warmth of the sun, but green of the park as well.

 photo IMG_4949_zpsnpq4jotf.jpg

Himself and I had a few days of planned activity, but also some unplanned time, as this was the one opportunity in the four weeks away from home that we were actually planning on being our break.

 photo IMG_4980_zps1a23uv8i.jpg

So we found ourselves walking a lot and just looking at what we found. While heading for a costume shop we were directed through the most amazing art alley!

 photo IMG_5002_zpseznupatb.jpg

It was kind of strange and yet reassuring after being in Amsterdam so long, that there were such tall buildings surrounding you by which to navigate from. I’d forgotten just how useful they could be.

 photo IMG_5019_zpsl2ehhn9q.jpg

Of course after hearing so much about it I also had to head down to Elizabeth Quay and see the water park that had so recently been installed for all the kiddies to pay in! (*cough*filtrationsystem*ahem*)

 photo IMG_5042_zps58kx1ovd.jpg

I thought it was ever so kind of the City of Perth to put a Dutch ship with flags flying in the harbour for us. Made us feel really at home while walking around the bay.

 photo IMG_5071_zpspfsnlwnv.jpg

I found I had a taste for walking around Perth. One which I would happily indulge again. Though I also say this knowing full well I only saw a tiny part of the whole.

 photo IMG_5093_zpsd9jlk0et.jpg

They have a great love of colour and lights. Just like me! This building became one of my favourites over the week. I spent many a happy evening sitting with a sorbet and watching the colours changing.

Coming up shortly, some of the adventures we embarked upon while staying in Perth!

2 thoughts on “Perth

  1. So much to see! It looks like you covered quite a bit and had many serendipitous discoveries, too. 🙂 Yay for some actual holiday during your holiday!!

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