A town no longer my own

It is strange going back to Sydney now. It was once a huge part of me… But that Sydney has moved on without me, and it is no longer the city that I knew or was a part of. When I walk around now, I am a tourist. But I try my best to not be *that* kind of tourist!

 photo IMG_4240_zpsnpqkrpfj.jpg

I look back over the photos I’ve taken on this trip, and I realise that the pictures I take in Sydney are the equivalent of the photos I took five years ago when I got to Amsterdam.

 photo IMG_6268_zpsveas8fpi.jpg

I take photos of lush looking markets filled with fresh produce …

 photo IMG_4241_zpstht6p5rf.jpg

… of walkways and architecture that capture my fancy.

 photo IMG_4273_zpsqc4bbre2.jpg

 photo IMG_4750_zpsakfar00z.jpg

The unusual and tasty food that we don’t get at home, but are lucky enough to share with good friends.

 photo IMG_4707_zpsk80gqdzu.jpg

We make sure to go to our favourite spaces, so we can re-charge our mental and emotional batteries.

 photo IMG_4699_zps4hcjqeuz.jpg

 photo IMG_4579_zpsbp3azlvs.jpg

As I walk through the world there is a smile on my face. I see some people stare at me from the corners of their eyes. It’s not Sydney style to walk along smiling, and it sets me apart as an outsider.

 photo IMG_4715_zps9hsrl7ig.jpg

But the air is full of the rich heady scent of frangipani. It is a very “Sydney in Summer” smell, and as I stop to photograph it a local jogs past and noticing what I’m doing, it makes her grin too.

 photo IMG_4713_zps0pchfwhy.jpg

This guy walking his horse was kind enough to slow down so I could take his photograph!

 photo IMG_4716_zpsntgicwcx.jpg

It reminded me of the guy who used to walk his goat down King St. But we didn’t make it to Newtown this trip.

The streets I have walked with confidence in my past lives are covered in art that takes me back in time.

 photo IMG_4860_zpsurtekwlc.jpg

 photo IMG_4793_zpsmvs0nd8f.jpg

And yet they are no longer the same streets, it is no longer the same art, and I am no longer the same person.

4 thoughts on “A town no longer my own

  1. That’s quite a yard display; whatever it is that goes on there seems to draw a crowd (of gnomes). 🙂

    This sounds and feels familiar — when I go back, I take pictures like I initially did here: adverts, strange shops, pretty views, foods and people I miss… maybe that’s to be expected, but I hadn’t thought on it until you posted about it. 🙂

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