Orana Animal Park

Himself and I have been trying to fit a trip back to this animal park into our Christchurch schedules for quite a few years now. I had only ever been once and it is one of the things Himself misses. So this trip we were going! Come hell or high water!

 photo IMG_3984_zpsxiht29th.jpg

Thankfully we didn’t have to contend with either of those things, and we just drove in one day when we had cleared schedule.

 photo IMG_4134_zpsv8qfchls.jpg

As we walked to the front entrance there was a sign advertising being able to be in the lions enclosure with them while they were being fed, a chance that of course Himself and I jumped at!

 photo IMG_4051_zpssp4h3j5n.jpg
 photo IMG_4077_zps9kdmbqid.jpg

It was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had! When I put it up there with the tiger walking in the Gold Coast, and the Shark diving in Manly, this was definitely up there!

 photo IMG_4080_zpsijjo0hqy.jpg

It was a lovely day, the weather was perfect, and we walked around trying to catch as many up close feeding experiences as we could.

 photo IMG_3953_zpssp7tjqxx.jpg

Actually feeding the giraffes is always a good time. Playing tug of war with their strong dark blue tongues.

 photo IMG_3851_zpsiuulelhu.jpg

As an added bonus, from what we could see, we witnessed the very first moments in this baby alpaca’s life too. Not the actual birth, but certainly its first wobbly steps.

 photo IMG_3923_zpsjlghuaiu.jpg

We ended the day with the final feeding at the cheetah cage.

 photo IMG_4159_zps8zxnh0ck.jpg

Himself was looking forward to watching them sprint up the cage chasing the food as he remembered from previous visits. But this was a new bunch of cheetahs, babies that were still being trained to stalk and chase their food.

 photo IMG_4186_zpseklkh6hu.jpg

They were being fed possums which made Himself happy and made me roll my eyes. (The possums are protected native species in Australia, and an introduced pest in New Zealand.)

In our next exciting episode we’re off on the next leg of our trip; stay tuned for Sydney!

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