There are so many things to love about Christchurch. So many things that go beyond the family and friends that we have there. The resilience of the community shows itself in the tenacious way they have clung to each other and their city through the earthquakes that have wracked them.

 photo IMG_3785_zpsnh5ybsgo.jpg

It is amazing to see the centre of town being rebuilt using shipping containers. Shipping containers as shops, shipping containers as banks, shipping containers as a mall …

 photo IMG_3772_zpskkdxnukx.jpg

… and shipping containers as a food court! We had some amazing rabbit panini from around here.

 photo IMG_3777_zps7s3tgjl4.jpg

Speaking of food, it’s a great place to organise to meet people in pubs and cafes! The food is always fresh, delicious, and in some ingenious combinations!

 photo IMG_3787_zpskyimgb8k.jpg

In a different café, this was my breakfast eggs, sausages, and “hashbrowns”. Yes, really.

 photo IMG_4210_zpsrcp1kmyw.jpg

It sometimes feels like there is surprising and amusing art around every corner.

 photo IMG_4200_zpsryzulwhj.jpg

And the hills give you a pretty good view of the city too. Though, in the last week the Port Hills have been through some major summer bush fires. I’m still hoping our friends houses who were near the blaze are safe.

 photo IMG_4203_zpsuqx0e3se.jpg

But as with so many experiences in life it is the people that make it what it is. This trip we were lucky enough to in attendance at Himself’s parents 50th wedding anniversary.

 photo IMG_4213_zpsywtzl8mp.jpg

Being able to share in this event was so special. When you live so far away being able to share in any event in person is special.

I have been sitting on this post for a week while I came to grips with jet-lag then the flu, and I’ve been trying to find just the right thing to say about this next picture.

 photo IMG_6232_zpsghg32djm.jpg

And I still can’t think of anything. So instead of holding on to it and living with this writers block, I am finally just putting this blog post out into the wild!

Perhaps you can caption the picture of Benji for me?

3 thoughts on “Christchurch

  1. I am so glad they enjoyed themselves but pleased to have peace and quiet again. ( A quip from Benji)

  2. “Ah, alone at la- hey, wait a minute, who invited the paparazzi? What does a dog need to to get some peace and privacy around here!”

    I really like the idea of the use of shipping crates. Much more adaptable than I realized. How do they handle restroom facilities for those who visit the shopping an restaurant areas?

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