Home Again, Home Again!

We’ve done it again! Been away, had a holiday, on the other side of the world! As we set out, we made it to the airport with lots of time, and were joined for dinner by Reginald and Pukeko.

 photo IMG_6207_zpsix9i3tpu.jpg

For those of you following along on Twitter or Facebook, you will know that there was enough ice in Amsterdam that our wings froze over and we had to wait two and a half hours before take-off, resulting in a missed connection and an over-night in Dubai.

 photo IMG_3531_zpsvxkqdfhw.jpg

It was quite a relief to see Christchurch beneath us on this journey. We were one day late, Himself’s bag was 2 days late, and mine was 3 days late, coming in via Queenstown. Someday I’d like to go to Queenstown too…

 photo IMG_3577_zpshntuj9kj.jpg

With emergency clothes purchased we were on our way! No matter where we go we take ourselves with us, and being Himself and I, we went to the Art Gallery.

 photo IMG_3578_zps7frruycm.jpg

It was wonderful going back there as we hadn’t been in there since the earthquakes. They had a wonderful exhibition that was based on touch and sound, so we spent a lot of time wearing headphones and touching everything to see what sound would result. It did kind of make me want to have a shower when we left though…

 photo IMG_3601_zpsocmnlnuv.jpg

This giant silver garden gnome makes me happier than I care to admit, so I had to share it with you!

 photo IMG_3619_zpsinf5hsgn.jpg

Pukeko wanted to get in on the act (when doesn’t he?), and really liked this multimedia piece. It was just his size, but wouldn’t make friends with him.

 photo IMG_3649_zpsq7nojqmp.jpg

He thought he might have had relatives in this necklace.

 photo IMG_3658_zpscthvlaqp.jpg

And though I liked it, he wasn’t overly fond of the taxidermy piece. Probably a little too close to home for the poor boy.

 photo IMG_3660_zpslz6xckyk.jpg

This next piece was titled “Designed to drive you up the wall” by Barry Cleavin. Both Himself and I like this one, I can’t think why… Maybe once we find another wall to put art on we might try and find a print!

 photo IMG_6211_zpstgmy7o2z.jpg

And this next landscape/structure is a masterpiece of engineering! Especially when you think that each of the little pieces that make up the whole are 0.5 pencil leads.

 photo IMG_3742_zpsucbzr16k.jpg


For now I shall leave you in the Christchurch Art Gallery and get to writing up all of the rest of our trip for your amusement and entertainment. It’s good to be back with you all!

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