Today’s Table – Red Rose, Flamingo Mittens

I have been finishing projects like a mad person! Healing to a point where I’ve been able to knit again has been like a weight lifting, so I thought I’d share one of the bigger projects with you.

 photo IMG_6073_zps6tvbh4je.jpg

Another one of my circular lace shawls. You know how I love them!

 photo IMG_6080_zpsrilp9fkv.jpg

This one was the Summer Rose by Mmario on Ravelry, and I had found the most beautiful red silk and merino yarn the last time I was in Haarlem that I wanted to use.

 photo IMG_3485_zpsfq4l96ii.jpg

Two skeins (1460m) later, and lots of months of being unable to knit, it finally came off the needles.

 photo IMG_3487_zpsdwfzjjg3.jpg

There is always a moment when you shove the entire piece into the sink where you wonder if you really know what you’re doing.

 photo IMG_3488_zpsch4emqb2.jpg

There was quite a bit of bleed in this yarn I’m hoping that was the worst of it, and that it doesn’t stain things when I wear it!

 photo IMG_3489_zps9bdbfhxo.jpg

Another well known moment, the “oh dear I’m out of T-pins” moment.

 photo IMG_3493_zpscs9lhmaq.jpg

I was very grateful when I found a box of extra pins which I’d once been gifted by someone who knows and loves me well!

 photo IMG_3496_zpspdkpdmz1.jpg

So here it is! Sock for scale, and over the white towels that I pinned it on the dry you can make out the stitch definition.

 photo IMG_6108_zpsjewl9pdy.jpg

And because I love you, here is me holding the shawl up to give you a better idea of how it drapes, and how large it is. I laugh now, looking back; at one point I didn’t think it would be large enough!

 photo IMG_6131_zpsfhtx8rwg.jpg

With that off the needles, I wanted to make something small and bright in order to bolster my knitting confidence. Remind me that not everything needs to take months to finish. In the darkness of winter nights, I made myself some new mittens.

 photo IMG_6152_zps1ylg4n1u.jpg

Don’tcha just love lawn flamingos? So there you have it! My latest pieces. What do you think? Have you been making anything recently?

4 thoughts on “Today’s Table – Red Rose, Flamingo Mittens

  1. Congratulations on the finished objects! The shawl in particular looks lovely. I like the mitts best, though, as the wee flamingos are just so cheery. Just right for winter. What will you start on the needles next?

    1. Thank you so much! 😀 The flamingos brighten my long dark winter nights 😉

      I have begun a small stuffed toy, which I hope will be finished before we go away, but if not, no problems 🙂

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