Today’s Table – Red Rose, Flamingo Mittens

I have been finishing projects like a mad person! Healing to a point where I’ve been able to knit again has been like a weight lifting, so I thought I’d share one of the bigger projects with you.

 photo IMG_6073_zps6tvbh4je.jpg

Another one of my circular lace shawls. You know how I love them! Would you like to know more?

Today’s Table – Hat and Shawl

I have been working so hard at this hat! In later rows you can even spot where I evened up my tension! I was trying to get it finished before the cold really set in. So far I’m doing ok, the days are hovering around 10C at the moment. Not into single digits yet!

 photo IMG_7760_zps2dfeda06.jpg

I was delayed in my work by a particularly nasty gash I inflicted on myself while washing up one night! (That’ll teach me to wash up!) But I’m back into it now! Would you like to know more?

Today’s Table – Winter Woolies

Today’s Table – Winter Woolies

Hello all of my lovely readers out there in blog-land! You’d never guess the seasons were changing, but there has been a decided nip in the wind since our return from the United Kingdom!

The shawl I took with me on the trip (scroll to the bottom) has been dismantled. I decided that what it actually needed was beads, and would need to be started again from scratch to add them in. Of course, the beads I bought were too small for my crochet hook … it’s been an on going saga ever since. I’ll keep you up to date when there’s actually progress on that front, shall I?

But I still needed something warm and squishy and sparkly to wrap around my neck! I was fixated by this point! I guess it was a good thing that the local yarn store was having a big birthday sale where I could buy some discounted Kidsilk Eclipse! Soft, squishy, and sparkly! No beads required!

Without much effort I was cast on …

 photo IMG_1351_zpscfa2ea26.jpg

and the pattern was emerging! Would you like to know more?