Today’s Table – Hat and Shawl

I have been working so hard at this hat! In later rows you can even spot where I evened up my tension! I was trying to get it finished before the cold really set in. So far I’m doing ok, the days are hovering around 10C at the moment. Not into single digits yet!

 photo IMG_7760_zps2dfeda06.jpg

I was delayed in my work by a particularly nasty gash I inflicted on myself while washing up one night! (That’ll teach me to wash up!) But I’m back into it now!

Did I tell you that my beads came in? And that I also managed (with the help of a friend) to procure a crochet hook small enough to thread them with? 0.5mm

 photo IMG_7757_zps54a0cf4f.jpg

So here you have it, the Aeolian (again). This is going to be not insignificant when it’s done. I have loads of the yarn. So will probably just keep going until I run out.

Wish me luck!

6 thoughts on “Today’s Table – Hat and Shawl

      1. This is a complicated pattern do do while looking at the TV! What I can not do in front of the TV is my shelf warmers….Good job!

  1. good luck! Can’t wait to see how the shawl turns out. Also, to my eyes, that’s a really really tiny crochet hook. I had no idea they came in that size!

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