What a glorious day …

… for a walk! out in the crisp cool Autumnal air.

 photo IMG_7762_zps68388fce.jpg

The weather today has been just spectacular. Perfect for walking and enjoying the sunshine. Warm enough that when walking I had to take my jacket off to cool down! Then of course it rained on me and I put it back on to keep me dry.

 photo IMG_7766_zpsa0616c85.jpg

The daylight is well and truly gone by 5:30 each day, so when there is sunlight you make a dive for outside to soak up some vitamin D.

 photo IMG_7765_zpsf6f3aaee.jpg

We weren’t alone in our promenading around town either! The intense colour in the leaves, which are then drenched in warm yellow light fills me with happiness.

 photo IMG_7774_zpscdf15926.jpg

It was a longer than usual, but quiet weekend this week. Himself got Friday afternoon away from the office and we went shopping for xmas gifts. First in town, then at the markets. As the gifts are not wrapped yet, you’re not getting any photos of those! I think we’ve found some good stuff for all our friends and loved ones! I’ll try and remember to get a photo of them all for you before I set them on their way in the mail.

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