Blending in with the Locals

Last Winter everything was a bit tight around the belt-line. The expenses had been many and varied; what with moving country, buying an apartment, and Giftmas being in Winter in this strange hemispere … So we made do with a lot of things. Including our Winter jackets from Australia.

This wasn’t a problem. We had plenty of layers, and never got cold. We just sometimes looked like starfish … But we’ve fixed that now! We both finally have our very own Northern Europe Winter Jackets!

Check out how amazing we look!

 photo IMG_7754_zps8a32512d.jpg

 photo IMG_7756_zps372aba0d.jpg

As you can see by all the green leaves still on the trees, it’s not quite time for them yet. (Though there are less leaves around the rest of Amsterdam, the courtyard is quite protected!) We tried wearing them this weekend just gone to the Market and both of us nearly died of heatstroke!

But when the cold arrives; we’ll be ready! Bring on the cold!

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