Blending in with the Locals

Last Winter everything was a bit tight around the belt-line. The expenses had been many and varied; what with moving country, buying an apartment, and Giftmas being in Winter in this strange hemispere … So we made do with a lot of things. Including our Winter jackets from Australia.

This wasn’t a problem. We had plenty of layers, and never got cold. We just sometimes looked like starfish … But we’ve fixed that now! We both finally have our very own Northern Europe Winter Jackets!

Check out how amazing we look! Would you like to know more?


I will come back for a real post later. Right now, I just want to you all to be aware that it’s snowing. I have walked in falling snow. I have caught falling snowflakes on my tongue. It is cold enough that it isn’t melting, and the ground is all sugar coated.


The last time I saw snow was on our honeymoon. And that wasn’t snow like this! This is European snow! 😀

There will be photos when I compose myself enough to take them for you! Right now, I’m going off to play in the falling snow!

Edited to add this video;

Comfort food

With Winter coming to what seems to be an abrupt end, I have been stocking up on my favourite comfort foods while I still can. The other night I bought my favourite pre-made roast from Woolies; turkey with apple and cranberry stuffing.

To go with it I made a sweet potato bake, and bean and prosciutto salad. (I don’t care what it’s been, what is it now?) *cough*


I completely forgot to get process shots, but when served it looked so good I just had to share it with you all! This was the perfect Winter Warmer, even if the weather really isn’t that cold any more.

First the sweet potato bake. I buy the biggest sweet potato I can find, cut into reasonably small, thin pieces, and then bake until cooked with honey and sea salt. Once cooked I transfer to a ceramic baking dish, mix well with baby spinach and fetta (or ricotta if you so desire), then cover the whole lot in grated tasty cheese and bake until golden brown.

For the bean and prosciutto salad you will require beans, olive oil, prosciutto, an onion, garlic, and optional parsley and basil. This time I couldn’t find any fresh parsley or basil so I skipped it, but it is good if you can find it.

You cook the beans until they are just tender, but still crisp. Drain them and put to one side to keep warm. In a small fry pan heat the oil and then fry the prosciutto briefly until crisp then put to one side. In that oil then cook the onion and garlic until translucent. Cut up the prosciutto into small pieces and add back to the pan along with the basil and parsley. Then pour your dressing over your beans, toss thoroughly and serve hot in a bowl. Or in our case, on the side of the plate.



How far away is Summer again …? *pulls out the running shoes*