Sunday Market

The Sunday Market at Westergasfabriek is always a fun way to spend time each month.

 photo IMG_7747_zps812fd4dd.jpg

But its even more so at this time of year when you get to shop for Giftmas! You should always begin by having a warming cup of gluhwein while having a small boogie to the resident DJ too.

 photo IMG_7727_zpsc11cf6fe.jpg

With cup in hand it is on to find out what treasures await you in the halls! The first things which caught my eye this week were these amazing mosaic bowls. The colours and combinations were just breathtaking.

 photo IMG_7730_zpse2207531.jpg

The range of hand made goods are just amazing. I was trying to convince HImself that I really do need a new hand bag, the leather on these was so soft and supple! But I was reminded that actually we were there to shop for other people, not ourselves. (This trip.)

 photo IMG_7732_zps0f1fb4fb.jpg

The hand knitted pieces were in abundance. Not entirely my style. And going by the prices, I’m not sure how the crafters actually make enough to live on.

 photo IMG_7734_zpsdac07e64.jpg

Some of the other stalls though were very much my style! I loved everything at this stall, and would have loved to acquire some of their wares! The dolls were just perfect!

 photo IMG_7738_zps04cb848c.jpg

And the resourcefulness of this stalls owner is remarkable! All the products are created from old tires. Keeping in mind that everyone in Amsterdam uses a bike, and there are thousands and thousands of discarded old tires everyday, not only are they saving all that rubber from ending up in landfill, but they are creating something useful out of them as well!

 photo IMG_7736_zpsb2d19f4d.jpg

Though another stall took the old tires theme to a whole different (and amazing) level!

 photo IMG_7740_zps1e420d85.jpg

These benches and tables are just spectacular! There’s a couple I was lusting after. But I have neither the space nor the aesthetic in our apartment to really show them off to best effect.

 photo IMG_7741_zpse49b3ac2.jpg

Though it’s not just products for sale at the Sunday Market, there’s also services! Yes, if you so desire, you can even get your hair cut!

 photo IMG_7735_zpsf905c121.jpg

It was a very productive trip! We bought some things, and now just need to get them all ready to send off! There’s still 2 more of these markets before Giftmas, they get an extra one in in December so that you can spend extra money at Sinterklaas and for Christmas. Our next trip there though, we will remember that there isn’t an ATM on site, and have cash with us!

7 thoughts on “Sunday Market

  1. I love markets like this — it reminds me very much of the market downtown at the waterfront in Helsinki.

    Those little dollies caught my eye too — so very cute! and Missy — every girl needs a new purse.. always! 🙂

    I have a hard time not buying “one for me” every time I’m shopping for others.

  2. loved the re-tired things, i had a friend recently ask me from vietnam was there something i desired. my answer was simply a man bag and jacket made from innertubes, i await his return and hopefully my glee

    1. It is a lot of fun! Even if you’re not going to buy anything!
      And the next couple will be a real spectacle with Sinterklaas and the Christmas markets coming up! 🙂

      I can highly recommend it!

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